Tygerian Lace



Fashion as a phenomenon is something that is very dynamic and in constant change, and especially in the globalized world we live in. The designers of today must make big, small, and difficult decisions by creating seasonal designs, to be in a show, create their own, or participate by attending in the audience. Journey to Fashion recognizes this and shall focus appreciation to the highlight designers of the event.

Shall we begin!

Tygerian Lace Burke is the Founder and Creative Director behind Tygerian Lace. Born in Washington, DC, Tygerian developed an early interest in fashion design. She would prance in her mother’s high heels and fancy dresses. She observed the impact first hand that well-made clothes made on a woman’s attitude. 

After graduating with her Master Degree and pursuing a career in Corporate America with the support of her husband Christopher Burke and two children Skyler and Mason Burke, Tygerian began her professional career as a women’s wear designer in the Fall of 2014. She set out with the intention to build a brand of garments that were of quality, bold and timeless. 

Since 2014 some of Tygerian Lace’s clientele include; Mayor Jennifer Roberts (Charlotte, NC), Erica Bryant (Channel 9 News), Felicia Gray (Philanthropist and Community Activist), Dee Dixon (Editor in Chief of Pride Magazine), Jennifer Michelle Tatum (Everyday Runway) and Tempest Harris (Owner of Level 21 magazine). The collections of Tygerian Lace have premiered in Charlotte Fashion Week (2015, 2016), North Carolina Style Week (2016), District of Columbia Swim Week (2017), Baltimore Fashion Week (2016), The Face Magazine (2017) and sponsored various nonprofit events. 

Tygerian handpicks every cloth that debuts in her SS or FW collection. Her design ethos mixes timeless concepts with the modern woman's lifestyle. Tygerian has recently expanded her brand to include loungewear and swim wear to provide the modern woman the ability to shop Tygerian Lace for all there needs. 

Gamakache Black


 Margaret Persaud  attended Berkeley College and majored in Fashion merchandising. I was inspired by my grandmother since I was a child. My passion to create beautiful clothing led me to establish a company call Gamakache Black in 2000. When I lost my brother Germaine, my passion was ignited to create beautiful garments in his memory. Gamakache Black is a design company that fulfills all of your black clothing needs. I specialized in women’s wear and my entire collection is all black. I use different textures and shades of black fabrics. This year my Fall Winter collection is edgy and fun, with faux fur, faux leather and a host of other textures. I love to make my pieces stand out. I am influence by designers like, Mc Queen and Versace. The Egyptian era is most interesting to me. My aim is to launch my online boutique by next year. As I continue to build my brand I hope to have control in retail giants like Macys, JC Penny and J Crew as my main clientele.